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Google Business Profile Video Verification – Business Address Shown

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Before Starting

Tech Requirements:

  1. A mobile phone with camera and internet connection is required.

Plan Your VideoThis is What Google Needs to See Demonstrated in Your Video:

  1. Your location should match your Business Profile service area.
    Examples: capture a street sign, nearby businesses, or the surrounding area
  2. Your business name and category should match your Business Profile
    Examples: show the business exterior and interior, exterior signage that matches you business name, products or equipment that are used for your category of business
  3. You’re authorized to represent this business
    Examples: capture you unlocking your store entrance, operating a payment tool, or show a proof of address.

To plan your video, look at the above requirements, and write down the steps you will follow, for example:

Preparation Plan (before you shoot the video)

  • Prepare any proof of address documents and leave them where you will show them in the video
  • Prepare your products or equipment and leave them where you will show them in the video
  • Lock the exterior door to your business and bring your keys (so you can show yourself unlocking it)

Video Plan

  • Start outside and show a street sign and/or nearby businesses
  • Pan the video up and down the street
  • Show your exterior signage
  • Walk to the exterior door and show yourself unlocking it
  • Walk in and show your products or equipment
  • etc.

(Note: If possible keep your video to 30 seconds, but it’s most important that you include the items in your plan and it’s okay if it goes over 30 seconds).

Google may allow you to do postcard verification if this fails but the video verification is the fastest way to get verified – plan out the video ahead of time.

Ready to Start?


Sign into the email address you use to manage your business at

OR search for your business name at (Make sure your account is signed in under your the email address you use to administer the account)

Your business should appear within the search results as “Your Business is not visible to customers”

Note: Results may show up lower on the page so please scroll down.

Click “Get Verified”

Google will ask you to select a way to get verified, choose Continue.

Google may ask you to verify your address again.

Click Continue.

Google will ask you to capture 3 requirements in 1 continuous recording (see Plan above).

They will offer some more tips, click Next.

If you’re on a desktop, they’ll provide you with a QR code. Scan the QR code (make sure you are signed into your email address) on your mobile device. You can start the recording then.

Please let us know if you need any assistance with this!