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Marketing Reports Guide: The Patch Boys

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Use this guide to access and understand your marketing reports for your The Patch Boys franchise.

This guide covers:

  • Important Notes
  • How to Use Your Reports
  • How to Access Your Reports
  • How to Navigate Your Reports
  • How to Interpret Your Reports
  • Definitions of Metrics

Questions? Please contact your franchise coach or Caleigh Bilheimer.

Important Notes

  • 919’s Template
    We designed these reports based on the reports you received from 919 Marketing. We did this so that you can compare your results “apples to apples” with past reports. We will be rolling out improvements to our reports in the coming months where we see opportunities for improvement.
  • 24 Hour Data Delay
    Recent data takes 24 hours to show in the reports.
  • Load & Scroll Down
    Please give the reports several seconds to load the data, and scroll down to see more information.

How to Use Your Reports

You can use these reports to answer questions such as:

  • What is my current cost per lead for the various marketing sources such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Local Service Ads (Google Guaranteed), Google Business Profile (GBP) and Organic (SEO).
  • What is my estimated return on investment (ROI) for each marketing source, as well as overall. 
  • How many calls did I receive from the various marketing sources.
  • Listen to actual call recordings.
  • Determine how much you’re spending on Ads real-time.

And many more. Most business owners care the most about the number and price of qualified leads, which your reports cover as well.

How to Access Your Reports

Visit this URL to login:

You will receive an email from Caleigh Bilheimer with your report login username and password. You can use the Forgot Password link to reset your password if needed.

We recommend using a browser on a desktop or laptop computer to access and view your reports.

Note: After you login the screen will appear blank until the data has completed loading.

How to Navigate Your Reports

Use the drop-down at the top of the page to select a report page:

Data will load for the page you select. You can also use the Date Range dropdown to adjust the report date range.

By default the reports open on the Package Summary page.

How to Interpret Your Reports

This section will guide you through interpreting the Package Summary page of your reports. The Package Summary page gives you a high-level overview of your marketing and the number of qualified leads you received.

Here is an example Package Summary page:

Ads Performance

This section shows combined ads data for your Google Ads and your Local Services Ads (aka Google Guaranteed).

Impressions is the number of times your ad was shown to someone searching for keywords related to your services. Clicks is the number of times someone clicked on your Google Ad or clicked on your Local Services Ads. CPC is average ‘Cost Per Click’, calculated by dividing Cost by Clicks.

Leads (Organic & Ads)

This section shows the number of leads you received from both organic search and paid ads combined. A Qualified Call is a call lasting over 60 seconds; callbacks are not counted for people calling back within the last 30 days.

Return on Investment

This section shows your marketing return on investment (ROI). In keeping with the 919 Marketing report format (your previous vendor for most franchisees) this is calculated by dividing your estimated revenue by your ad spend. Estimated Revenue = Total Qualified Leads (Qualified Calls + Webforms) multiplied by the 46% close ratio provided by BFG, then multiplied by the Average Sale Value provided by BFG.

Definitions of Metrics

Package Summary Page

View a full list of metrics definitions here.