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Reinstate Reviews

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What you will need:

  • A screenshot of the missing review (1 of the following):
    • A screenshot from the customers’ computer (ask them to login to the Google account they used to leave the review and then have them visit this page to see the review).
    • Or a screenshot of the email you received from Google when the customer left the review; the subject line will typically read: “[Customer] left a review [Business Name]”.
    • Or a copy of an invoice proving the person leaving the review was your customer
Example of the Left a Review email

After you grab a screenshot of the review, you can then reach out to Google Support here.

Choose your business from the dropdown menu. Make sure you are a signed in under your Owner email address.

In the “Tell us what you can help with” type “Missing Review”. Then select Review missing from the list of choices of a best description.

Click Next Step.

Under “Resources” choose Next Steps.

Under Contact options, choose Email.

Fill out the form with your name, email address, and phone number. Google may call you to let you know about the result, so make sure to put the correct info.

What is your relationship to the business: I own this business.

Business address: This is a service area business, serving [your areas]. If your is a commercial address, you can enter your address.

What is your Business Profile ID? You can follow these steps here to find your ID.

Has the profile recently been suspended or disabled? No. If it has in the past, you can answer: Yes.

Does the profile belong to a elementary, secondary, or high school? No.

How many reviews are missing from the profile? Select the range of how many reviews are missing from the profile.

Are new reviews being published on the profile? Answer accordingly.

What’s the time frame in which the reviews have gone missing? (For example, did they disappear all within the last week? Or have you noticed they were consistently disappearing over a longer period of time?) * Give Google the time frame of when you noticed the review was missing. Use dates when the review notice was received and when you noticed it was missing.

Review Name(s). Enter the username of the reviewer as they appear on the Your Contributions page OR ‘You Have a New Review’ Email.

Describe your issue. Write out an explanation of the issue in question. For example, “I noticed the review we received on June 22 2023 went missing on the morning of June 23, 2023. When I went to respond to the reviewer, it was missing.


A support agent will call or email you afterwards. Here is an example of the email they will send.

After a few days, confirm to see if :

Reply accordingly:

If your missing reviews aren’t appearing after a couple days: We’ve confirmed that the review doesn’t show on Search or in Maps. Would you be able to look into the issue and see if anything else may be happening? We’re happy to provide screenshots (attached).

If your profile was previously suspended:

This Google business profile was previously suspended. We aren’t sure if the reviews are being filtered because of that, but could you please take a look at the reviews to make sure it’s not being filtered due to a previous suspension? We’ve confirmed that the review doesn’t show on Search or in Maps. We’re happy to provide screenshots (attached).

A rep will then follow up with an email or a phone call (caller ID will say “Mountain View, CA”) with their decision. They may ask again for a screenshot of the review.